Tunisia Automotive 2018: cooperation agreement signed with FIEV

The international components and spare parts exhibition TUNISIA AUTOMOTIVE will hold its very first edition this November in Tunis. The show’s organisers and FIEV, following the signature of a partnership agreement on 12 October 2018, are planning to hold the following edition under the EQUIP AUTO banner.


The inaugural edition of the international components and spare parts exhibition TUNISIA AUTOMOTIVE will take place from 27 to 30 November at the Le Kram Exhibition Centre in Tunis.

TUNISIA AUTOMOTIVE 2018 is a biennial trade show which will bring together Tunisian and foreign manufacturers of components and spare parts for vehicles of all categories. This first edition will see the presence of 150 exhibitors and more than 8,000 visitors expected, including a significant number from North African and Arab countries, Africa and Europe.

In the run-up to the inauguration of this debut edition, and following the signature of a cooperation agreement by the French Vehicle Equipment Industries (FIEV), the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA), the Tunisian Automotive Association (TAA) and the Société des Foires Internationales de Tunis, it was agreed that TUNISIA AUTOMOTIVE will bear the brand of EQUIP AUTO in Tunisia, starting at its following edition.

The French Bodywork Federation, (FFC), co-owner of EQUIP AUTO alongside FIEV, and COMEXPOSIUM, the show organiser, welcome this move led by its Chairman Jacques Mauge, who explains: “This initiative ushers in a new phase in the development of EQUIP AUTO on North African markets. It is a perfect illustration of our strategy to continue to reinforce the international reach of our brand.”  


TUNISIA AUTOMOTIVE was launched following discussions with industry operators who expressed their wish for the organisation of their own show, separately from the motor show where they previously exhibited alongside vehicle manufacturers.

This first edition constitutes a genuine focal point for the industry’s development dynamic. In this respect, Tunisian firms are very much a part of the worldwide trend according to which equipment manufacturers today have become system integrators providing global solutions to vehicle makers.

The Tunisian component offering is brought to market by certified companies that can supply worldwide automakers with components at competitive prices thanks to longstanding know-how and qualified labour.

All these firms are also the players in a well-organised, dynamic aftersales market featuring a healthy balance between manufacturer replacement parts (in particular during warranty period) and the independent aftermarket.

The Tunisian market for personal and light commercial vehicles is estimated at 1,800,000 units (2015 data from Tunisian statistics office INS). This means that only 27% of households own at least one vehicle, implying substantial room for future development. Furthermore, the nationwide vehicle fleet is growing fast: registrations rise by an average of 100,000 per year, including 34% of used vehicles imported legally through a non-dealer circuit. These imports generate wider diversity in the automotive fleet, with positive knock-on effects on the maintenance and repair market.

Furthermore, two other characteristics of the Tunisian market are favourable to firms from Europe and North Africa:

  • Parts and equipment imported from outside North Africa and Europe are subject to import duty of approximately 30%;
  • Remanufactured parts are banned from import into Tunisia.

Finally, while the Tunisian replacement parts market is far from self-sufficient, nearly 230 Tunisian firms are capable of producing spare parts and equipment locally for the domestic market.

Discover Tunisia Automotive 2018 in motion

TUNISIA AUTOMOTIVE 2018, a promising first edition

TUNISIA AUTOMOTIVE is set to bring together more than 150 Tunisian and foreign exhibitors from the various components and spare parts industries:

  • Mechanical, electric, electronic and plastic components, systems, spare parts.
  • Car frame, car body and interior components
  • Engineering and design
  • Equipment and services for the production of components.
  • Paints and varnishes for cars
  • Tyres, rims and accessories
  • Lubricants, cleaning and maintenance products
  • Equipment for repair workshops and gas stations
  • Safety equipment, accessories and tuning
  • Financial organizations, training and trade press.

Alongside a majority of Tunisian exhibitors, the 2018 show will also witness the attendance of international firms from countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, China and Japan… as well as from Algeria and Morocco.

In the aim of establishing contacts between Tunisian operators and their foreign counterparts, business meetings and workshops will be organised along themes such as “Industry 4.0 through testimonies from market firms” and “The Kaizen approach and methodology to ensure sustainable competitiveness and reduce operational risks for Tunisian companies”.

The automotive component industry in Tunisia

This represents:

  • Export business worth 4.5 billion dinars to the most competitive markets
  • More than 255 firms, of which 67% only export their output. 
  • Nearly 67,000 direct and 13,000 indirect jobs 
  • Tunisia is in the top five component supplier countries to the European Union.

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