Turbo Armec: The First Dual Stage Turbo Flow Bench

TURBO ARMEC presents to the International Market the STAGE 2 - TURBO ARMEC , the First Dual Stage Turbo Flow Bench developed thanks to its own Research and Development in the Automotive Industry.

The Dual Stage Turbocharger improves the advantages of Turbocharging, using two Turbo in series. The use of two turbos in series guarantees maximum torque at minimum engine revs and increases fuel savings on motor vehicles and industrial and marine engines. 

Thanks to more than Fifty years of experience in precision mechanics, and in particular in Turbochargers Remanufacturing, TURBO ARMEC has developed the STAGE 2 - TURBO ARMEC Flow Bench which is able to control all speeds of gas flows which go through a Dual Stage Turbo, setting all Turbo Actuators on the Fly with the utmost precision.

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