TopTips - brings Virtual Reality solutions into Automotive industry

Imagine! Perform emergency operation without risk? Survive stop of production line without lost? Improve methods in difficult processes secure? Show clearly what the human eyes are not able to see? Perform boring actions funny? Make old-fashioned events in brand new way? So many useful benefits for companies - those were only dreams for works managers up today. These dreams comes to reality now.

Each of all above mentioned challenges are possible to realise by two possible ways:

  1. In Virtual Reality / VR – in the 3D computer-generated „world“, VR world, where persons could make everything like in real world, but without bad consequencies.
  2. Trought other Visual solutions.

What are the main benefits for compaies:

Staff could train and be prepaired on emergency situations. Technicians could prepair actions up-to smallest details, workers could educate or prepair how to work with expensive machines in advance. It is, while VR offers the possibility to manipulate with things and to control processes with palm controlers – very simmilar like with working tools or control pannels in reality.

Managers could attend meetings remotely – in interactive virtual meeting room. Company could to show projected buildings, spaces like real – when they are only in projections phase.

Big company aniversary with huge projection screen and monumental stage architecture – so impressive that nobody will forget for a long time. Visitors centre of a company – interactive, immersive, attractive – to show info about company clearly and graspable – it makes the visit an adventure.

Only imagination is the boarder for our VR solutions and for big projection solutions.

Know more about realised solutions:

  • Car service training for technicians (realized for Skoda Auto): You can quickly add your own CATIA or CAD parts models and build your own training scenarios – for manipulation and education purposes. Second option You could disassemble whole car to 1000 single parts in VR or AR.
  • Emergency operation training - Nuclear reactor trainig (realized for Nuclear Energy Works): You can work and interact with 3D models or demonstrate them in VR or AR. In multiplayer mode you can cooperate with more people. In connection with Your datawarehouse you can see flying particles, show heat maps, or show anythig normaly invisible for human eye.
  • Virtual meeting room (realized for Deutsche Telekom): New generation of visual cooperation in virtual and augmented meeting room. 3D sound and virtual Holo-visualization of documents, keynotes, charts and virtual whiteboard allows you to work toghether from any corner of the world. Holo-visualization allows all participants to walk in 3D models.
  • Virtual interactive tour (realized for projected Hospital): User could walk trought future spaces, operation rooms, labs, and others. You can show your projects to your users and let them choose the desired variant from more possibilities.

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