The CAP2600 WORKSHOP electronic headlight beam tester: A revolutionary expert system.

Designed by the Capelec Montpellier design office engineers, the expert CAP2600 WORKSHOP headlight beam tester is a concentrate of innovations: lighting safety diagnosis, printing of pre and post diagnosis reports, multi zone implementation and Matrix technology compatibility.

Innovating technology for expert use

  • Matrix technology compatibility: The AFS Advanced Frontlighting System is used to set, calibrate and configure MATRIX LED type adaptive headlights (VAG). It is combined with the instructions and a manufacturer troubleshooting tool.
  • Multi zone use: the CAP2600 WORKSHOP can be used in many workshop sectors. For more accuracy, the ANYWHERE uneven ground compensation system is combined with that the of headlight beam tester pitch.
  • Connectivity: for even more features, it can be connected to the internet. Just like a Hub, it can be viewed from a browser or from a PC or smartphone. Basic operations can be viewed: processed vehicles, Before/After results, report printouts.
  • Simplified commissioning: on delivery, commissioning is fast and does not require external participants.

Driver safety is improved by a professional lighting check

  • Safety and compliant: the CAP2600 WORKSHOP secures drivers by warning of braking distances and on compliance with legislation. It guarantees headlight compliance and professionalises lighting activity.
  • 3 operating modes: expert, adjustment and pre-MOT. Expert mode analyses geometry and light intensity and offers a complete check (safety, compliance, recommendations). The adjustment mode is used to display values and provides adjustment assistance. Finally, the pre-MOT mode guarantees compliance with MOT standards.
  • Quick implementation: deployable in just a few minutes, the CAP2600 WORKSHOP creates an expert inspection of headlights: less than 7 minutes are needed to assess safety conditions, glare, coverage or beam imbalance.

Additional services through a detailed diagnosis

  • Before/After report; the headlight beam diagnosis is carried out and a detailed report issued in just a few minutes. It also gives the repairer and driver an advanced report: is the lighting optimum? Dangerous for the driver or other vehicles? The A4 format printout can be saved, used or published.

Technical specifications

  • Colour touch screen
  • Linux OS and S2600 software
  • Multilingual
  • Alignment laser
  • Positioning assistance
  • Dual mode: adjustment, MOT
  • High autonomy battery
  • Adjustable column: 1.80m
  • Ports: RS, USB, RJ45
  • Lighting, dipped beam headlights, main beam headlights and fog lights
  • Bases: wheels, rails
  • Measurements, dipping, lateral, light intensity, glare
  • Vehicle types: LV, HV
  • Left and right hand drives
  • "Anywhere” function

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