SHANGHAI MAODIAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Mdgloble: you can enjoy high-quality Chinese Supplier Resources here!

Mdgloble is a B2B platform focusing on auto parts. Currently, we have already owned more than 100,000 auto parts company resources, including many purchasers, quality experts, OEMs and Tier1s technical engineers. We can also provide the following services for auto companies and OEMS: quality improvement, lean production, logistics management, training, translation, etc.

Mdgloble is committed to becoming the TOP advanced platform of the automobile industry, with the supplier evaluation system open now. We are going to open eight branches overseas, including in Australia, Spain, Brazil, Israel, Malaysia, Germany, the United States and so on.

The followings are our main services.

  1. Purchasing Assistant: 
    • Provide High-quality supplier resources in China free of charge
    • Arrange free face-to-face discussions
    • Free participation in Mdgloble activities
  2. Value added services:
    • Quality management (audit,sorting,APQP)
    • Quality improvement (analysis,improvement)
    • Purchasing management (annual cost down, price analysis)
    • Logistic management (trading business, transportation)
    • Lean production, quality improvement (6 sigma)
    • Marketing (competitors, statistics, product analysis, marking analysis)
  3. Industry consulting:
    • Seat competitors analysis
    • Marking data investigation
    • Benchmark analysis

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