CAP10000 Multi-functional equipment: vehicle safety, emissions and lighting

CAP10 000 a concentrate of technologies and functionalities

Resulting from the experience acquired in roadworthiness testing, the CAP10000 bench offers a concentration of innovations and functionalities. Around the same interface, the operator can control or assess the key functions: emissions (petrol and diesel) or ground connections (braking, suspension and shifting) but also lighting (high beam, low beam and fog beam).

With its small footprint, it finally makes it possible to rationalize the workshop space and perform all the tests on a single piece of equipment. The CAP10000 publishes a pre roadworthiness test meeting the new standards, as well as an expertise in exhaust emissions.

The CAP10000 is both an opacimeter to control diesel engine emissions, a gas analyser for petrol engines, but also a braking, suspension and slip bench for ground connections The use is simple. The interface is common. It guides through the modes and functionalities. Connected to the network, data can be edited or centralized.

Maintenance is optimized and simple operations can be performed online, by remote control.

Expert mode or pre-test

The CAP10000 is used to check the conformity and proper functioning of pollution control and combustion components, as well as ground connections as part of the pre-test. In addition, the CAP10000 provides expertise. An expert test report, before and after the intervention, is generated. It can be communicated to the client or saved in the archives.

The same software with the same operating mode and shared resources, a single vehicle identification and a single click results in no less than 4 complete reports and 2 customer reports: safety (braking, suspension, shifting), emission, EOBD and lighting which are published and/or printed.

CAP10000 is therefore a tool for checking, repairing and assisting in the sale of services/repairs.

This product is available in VL and PL versions for all workshops.

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