CAP Zero Emission: fast and reliable measurement for a protected operator

The National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases (INRS) warns against occupational situations leading to exposure to exhaust gases, particularly for employees in confined spaces. Particulate matter emitted by diesel engines is classified as carcinogenic by IARC, while particulate matter from gasoline engines is seriously suspected.

CAPELEC's Zero Emission CAP provides the solution for exposed professionals. It preserves productivity and measurement quality while providing optimal protection. The fumes are channelled and
evacuated while the emission control sensors sample and analyse the gases. An approval guarantees the conformity of the measurement.

Quick to implement, the Zero-Emission CAP can be adapted to all existing engines, diesel, petrol, but also LPG, CNG and hydrogen. It has been optimized to be combined with CAPELEC brand emission
control equipment (series: CAP3210, CAP3500 and CAP3600).

To make it easier to use, many accessories have been designed. There are adapters for oval exhausts (not allowing hanging), those hidden or integrated in the bumper. Once positioned and locked by
brake, the funnel picks up the bodywork without damaging it while ensuring good suction, guaranteeing safety and reliable measurement for the operator. Dual exhaust outlets (visible or not) are also not a problem.

The world of heavy goods vehicles is not forgotten, dedicated accessories make it possible to work with complete peace of mind on the new EURO 6 heavy goods vehicles, such as the Mercedes Actros and DAF XF.
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