Onsite sponsorship

Benefit from our onsite sponsorship offers to communicate and enhance your visibility at EQUIP AUTO!

NB: Rates stated only apply to customers of EQUIP AUTO 2019.


Official bag - Exclusive

Enhance your visibility in the aisles! 

Your logo on the 45,000 official bags freely available at the exhibition entrance.

  • One entire face of the official exhibition bag is dedicated to you, the other side is reserved for the organiser. (Made to your specifications, design must be validated by the organizer, not handed out by hostesses).

Deadline for orders: August 31st 2019

€10,000 Excl. TAX

Goodies handed out at the entrance of the show


  • Maximum 2 sponsors per entrance and per hall
  • Bags are prohibited
  • Contact us for exclusive distribution across all halls

Deadline for offers: September 1st 2019

€4,500 Excl. TAX

Promotion rights in the exhibition aisles


Distribute your documents / promotional goods in the exhibition aisles*, excluding the entrance area.

  • Maximum of 3 sponsors per hall

 *Offer allows promotion by 1 person per hall (host or hostess provided by the sponsor). (no bags, promotional goods are the responsibility of the sponsor)

Deadline for orders: September 1st 2019

€5,800 Excl. TAX/HALL

Outside distribution of documents

  • Outside distribution of documents, in front of Pavilion 1 only.

Valid for the duration of the Show and ONLY inside PARIS EXPO area, in front of Pavilion 1, by accredited members of your company.
3 sponsor max. - No bags allowed. No distribution inside of Pavilion 1.
Advertisers are responsible for costs of production and distribution.

€6,500 Excl. TAX


Connected rest area - Exclusive

Associate your brand with the "connected" area of the show, ideal for a break or an improvised meeting!

  • Your logo on the ''connected'' areas where visitors can connect to the internet.
  • Option with supplement: Rights to distribute a self-service document or promotional goods in the area during the 5 days of the exhibition. (on quotation)

Deadline for orders: August 31st 2019

FROM €8,000 Excl. TAX

Welcome coffee - Exclusive

Offer visitors a cup of coffee upon their arrival at the show!

During 5 days your brand and stand number on each of the coffee stands located at the show entrances:

  • on the signage of all the welcome coffee stands with the wording "Coffee provided courtesy of XXX + your logo + stand number
  • The communication tools showing this areas (maps ...)
  • Self-service distribution of the sponsor's documents or freebies on coffee stands.
  • 1 coffee stand + 1 hostess provided by the show.

Deadline for orders: August 31st 2019

€15,000 Excl. TAX

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Aisle letter flags

A great way to be seen! 

Your logo and stand number on the flags displaying the letters denoting each zone suspended from the ceiling in multiple locations around the hall.

They help visitors find their way around.

  • Aisle letter/hall
  • Aisle letter in the 3 halls

Deadline for orders: September 15th 2019

FROM €6,500 Excl. TAX

Floor stickers

Guide visitors right to your stand!

Extend your visibility at the exhibition by personalising floor tiles with your name, logo and stand number.

  • Floor tiles pack of 5 tiles
  • Floor tiles pack of 10 tiles
  • Artwork provided by the sponsor
  • 80 cm x 80 cm
  • Positioning depends on availability on the map

Deadline for orders: September 15th 2019

FROM €2,000€ Excl. TAX

Entrance displays

Introduce your brand from the moment visitors come in! Get your key information and your stand number on show at the entrance to the exhibition to lead visitors to your stand!

1 set of 2 upright standing promotional boards* at the entrances:

  • 1 advertising signboard
  • 2 advertising signboard
  • 4 advertising signboard
  • *Graphic provided by sponsor

Deadline for orders: September 15th 2019

FROM €1,500 Excl. TAX

Anniversary package

Benefit from this package to celebrate your company anniversary or promote a special event!

  • Logo on your exhibitor details page indicating "Anniversary, Prize draw …" (jpg logo to be provided by exhibitor)
  • Full page advertisement in the printed catalogue
  • Entitlement to distribute flyers at visitor entrances (A5 format flyers printed and supplied by exhibitor)
  • 10 sponsors maximum

Deadline for orders: September 2nd 2017

€6,000 Excl. VAT

The official T-shirt! - Exclusive

Dress up our hostesses onsite with your brand!

Your brand logo on both sides of the t-shirt. More than 100 hostesses
and members of our staff will wear your brand logo at the Show
entrances, Conferences stage, Training & Demo area, VIP Club, Press lounge!
Enhance your chances to be seen!

  • 1 side: your logo + EQUIP AUTO 2019 logo, in one colour
  • other side : your logo + EQUIP AUTO 2019 logo, 2 colours.

Deadline for orders: September 2nd 2019

€5,000 Excl. VAT

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