The winners of the Grands Prix in the spotlight

Of the 153 applications submitted this year as part of the Automotive Innovation Grand Prix, seven were successful and were honoured during the show's gala evening, Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

As usual the Automotive Innovation Grand Prix (GPIA to it's followers) has inspired others. First the jury: 50 journalists from 15 different countries hotly debated before rendering their verdict on September 11, 2019. Then the candidates for the prizes, as no less than 153 applicants competed in order to obtain the Holy Grail ... That is 30% more than for the previous edition of the show. A record! Results, the 2019 awards emphasise innovations responding to the needs of repair businesses in the future. Repair business is becoming more complex and more technical. And also to technologies that are more and more respectful of the environment.

Seven winners were awarded the famous Grand Prix trophy at the Equip Auto gala evening.

Highest honour: Italcan, in the "Bodywork and Paint" category, for RAPTOR, its innovative paint booth, 100% electric and therefore less energy-consuming.

In the "Original equipment" category, the company SOGEFI distinguished itself with its fuel filter made from recycled airbags.

Kärcher distinguishes itself in the category "Lubricants, vehicle care products, washing and roadside service" with its CWB 3 Klean!Star iQ washing gantry.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG stands out in the category "Parts, Vehicle equipment and Replacement components" with its Electric Blue brake pad for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Provac is recognised for its Revolution Walkaway tyre changer in the "Tyres, Equipment and Wheel Service" category.

Mahle wins the "Repair, Maintenance and Garage Equipment" award with its TechPRO® Digital ADAS tool.

Finally, in the category "Services for professionals, DMS, software and mobility services", it is the Lacour Group that stands out thanks to the SERI system which combines a gantry capable of scanning the entire vehicle, algorithms for analysis of images, a manufacturer's reference system and a 3D rendering of the damage.

On the occasion of the Equip Auto gala evening on Tuesday evening, the "favourites" of the press, organised by the Association of Technical and Economic Journalists (AJTE), were also awarded to the winners spotted the first day of the show and whose innovations have caught the eye of experts.