The federations take the floor!

FIEV, FFC, FEDA, FNA and CNPA, all key event players, come together once again in October 2019 at Porte de Versailles in Paris for an Equip Auto Trade Show which continues to pursue its federative spirit. Their Presidents enthusiastically embark on this new edition.

Claude Cham, FIEV (Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries)


“We’re really excited in the run-up to this new EQUIP AUTO Trade Show. It’s a tool dedicated to our members and all actors of the profession. We hear a lot of things about trade shows and their so-called decline, but the essence of trade is based on exchanges, get-togethers and expressing different points of view. And, all this gives meaning to such an event. But that doesn’t stop us from taking changes in our business into account and the innovations which EQUIP AUTO brings are proof of this. Just a few months away from this new edition, there’s a special chemistry which means we’re confident. We’re doing things in a professional manner, we’re working hard and ensuring continuity over time."

Patrick Cholton, FFC (French Body Work Federation).

FFC Carrosserie Logo

“In 2019, EQUIP AUTO will be the show which consolidates after a 2017 edition dedicated to renewal. Following the success of its great return to the centre of Paris, the event is proving to be a really big hit once again this year and shows just how strategically important a major national show is for the automotive service sector. The FFC will be showcased too, in Hall 1, bringing together its members in the "Body Work Village”. An opportunity to exchange with all automotive after-sales players in a friendly atmosphere whilst discovering the numerous technological innovations which illustrate our sector’s vitality and attractiveness.”

Alain Landec, FEDA (Fédération de la Distribution Automobile)

“Although we had doubts for a long time as to the continuity of EQUIP AUTO given the progressive lack of interest and competition from other European shows, the 2017 edition showed that we shouldn’t be pessimistic and that this event was more than ever at the heart of market challenges and sector trends. Now that Equip Auto has affirmed its position, is pursuing with its ever-so topical leitmotif “repairing today, preparing tomorrow” and has DNA which has proved its worth, we must all ensure that this 2019 edition is even more successful. The topics which will be dealt with are part of a 360-degree vision of our profession and its future: connectivity, vehicle electrification, circular economy, retrofit, supply-chain efficiency, polluting emission control, arrival of digital in workshops, training-employment, etc. All these are really valid reasons for attending this event!”

Gérard Polo, FNA (French Federation of Automotive Artisans)

“Artisan automotive entrepreneurs are a key part of our local economy. As job providers and high-quality apprenticeship drivers, auto professionals have succeeded in developing an undeniable sense of service for users. Our sector’s strength lies in the diversity of the models built by these firms: whether they’re part of network or independent or not, our job is to defend and represent everyone. The FNA advocates entrepreneurship freedom, freedom to choose an economic model, to have plurality of choices of technical solutions and, today, fights "off-floor” policies even more, which do not reflect business reality. The FNA shares these values with the members of the APAM (Alliance of Automotive and Mobility Professionals) and we’ll have a joint stand at the EQUIP AUTO Trade Show. An event that is above all a show for all professionals who'll have the opportunity to discover exhibitors able to meet their needs and present them with prospects for development which match."

Francis Bartholomé, CNPA (French Advisory Board for Automotive Professionals)

“This year again, the CNPA and the whole automotive services sector will be present for EQUIP AUTO. We’ll be getting together with GARAC, AFORPA, GNFA and IRP Auto and sharing a sector space in Pavilion 2.2. Our business centres will offer a wide range of activities for after-sales and repair professionals. The focus will be on employment, training, artisan entrepreneurship and connected vehicles. The CNPA will centre stage automotive artisans and the actions which our organization develops for them. Mobility startups will also be present, following the creation of the "Mobility Alliance", our new business which brings together these innovative startups, as well as startups taking part in our Moove Lab Acceleration Programme at Station F.”