Focus on PIEC (parts in the circular economy)

While there is a lot of talk at the show about the connected workshop or the repair of alternative engines, parts in the circular economy or PIEC, is also an integral part of the repair business of the future. EQUIP AUTO addresses the subject.

Indra Automobile Recycling, Opisto, the recycler branch of the CNPA, also the FNA and a bodywork expert met, in the conference area of the show, Tuesday afternoon, to take stock of a concept that matters in the after-sales sector: PIEC or second-hand parts. A sign that the subject is not devoid of interest: this conference space was full...

And if second-hand parts count so much in a context where there is a lot of question about connected and/or digital repair, it is because the law has made it a mandatory recourse for repair and bodywork businesses.

Overall, although the text seems a bit opaque, it must be remembered that from now on, the repair business has a regulatory obligation to also offer the second-hand part to its customers and to display it, in a way visible to the motorists, in its workshop.

Although the use of PIEC does not yet convince all the garages in the sector, it has organised a lot in recent years to offer all repair businesses consistent, easy and transparent access to parts . This is what Indra offers with Précis or Opisto which is now turning to a B2B customerwith its website  A huge restructuring work of the recycling sector which does not however make it possible to ensure the actual deposit of these parts. For Patrick Poincelet, president of the CNPA's end-of-life vehicle recycling business, the figures are clear: "ERP will never be a substitute for new parts. And for good reason: there are 40 million repair orders per year in France and only 1.4 million dismantled vehicles. However, each disassembled end-of-life vehicle generates a dozen pieces at most. In other words, on the market, there is less than one spare part available per year, per vehicle!" The market still seems to have a little trouble inspiring others. However, according to the FNA, mechanics are indeed the linchpin of the development of PIEC in France.