Nexus Automotive: "new mobilities will be the heart of the aftermarket"

Beyond its second phase of development in Africa, Nexus Automotive also intends to take advantage of its presence at the show to mark the future of the industry. Forward-looking interview with Gaël Escribe, CEO...

Why did you decide to exhibit at Equip Auto 2019?

We are here this year for 3 reasons. Firstly, because we have an increasingly important presence in France since we represent the 3rd biggest strength in the aftermarket. Obviously it's not possible to have ambitions in France without a presence at EQUIP AUTO. Secondly, since the creation of Nexus, we are developing a lot in Africa, so we are entering a second phase of development with the development of IAMaga which will help consolidate medium-sized distributors in French-speaking Africa. We will also create two other equivalents to IAMaga, in English-speaking Africa. Finally, we are strengthening our Algerian structure. So, EQUIP AUTO allows us today to welcome nations that go far beyond the French-speaking countries and it is for us very useful.


What else is new with you at the show?

By the end of this year, we will reach 5.5 billion euros of turnover... even though we have existed for only 5.5 years. This clearly allows us to engage in new ways, to create and support startups as we did with MarketParts for example. We will also formalise, next week in Tel Aviv, the creation of a fund, whose capitalisation is on the order of 30 to 50 million euros, for new mobilities. It is important for us to be active in this field because we believe that within ten years, new mobilities will be at the heart of the aftermarket and we do not want to leave it in the hands of pure players such as Google or Microsoft.


You are very avant-garde on the subject of the future of the after-sales sector...

To differentiate ourselves, we have no choice but to read the future and implement innovation. If our job is simply an exchange between supplier and seller, it does not matter. I think our job goes well beyond that. We are in a more collaborative system that should allow us to move forward together. Moreover, our main battle today is to find levers for the sector to be more attractive for talents and young people. Today, the sector experiences gigantic upheavals which makes it much more attractive. We will therefore launch, at the international level, the "Talents for IAM" operation to publicise the strengths and assets of our industry.