Behind the scenes of the "Judges Favourites" (Coups de Cœur)

Since 1995, the French Association of Technical and Economic Journalists (AJTE) has been organising its own selection of innovative products and services at every EQUIP AUTO show. Spotlight on the 3 Favourites of the 2019 edition.

It's a ritual. Every two years, for 27 years, the journalists of the AJTE are gathered early in the morning, the first day of the show, to browse each aisle, at each stand, in each pavilion, to discover the rare pearl. A product, a service, a tool or a piece of equipment ... it doesn't matter as long as the idea is ultra innovative and the designation of "favourite" is justified.

Late in the morning, Tuesday, the ten journalists from the AJTE gathered to share their discoveries. Everyone, in turn, gives his/her argument, explaining why he or she wanted to submit this product rather than another. The overall idea of the AJTE's favourites: "Reward initiatives that are not officially represented during the EQUIP AUTO Grands Prix", says Romain Thirion, President of the association. Don't expect the AJTE Coups de Coeur to be a second chance for the unfortunate losers of the Grands Prix ... on the contrary.

After intense discussions and debate on a dozen shortlisted products, the AJTE journalists have agreed on a list of 2019 winners. The winners of the "Judges Favourites" this year are:

  • PPG for its Moonwalk paint preparation system,
  • Capelec for REAL-e, its embedded and connected analyser.
  • CPS Quality for its quality control connected tablet ...