What to see tomorrow...

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Every day, conferences and demonstrations punctuate the show. Don't miss these EQUIP AUTO highlights, and follow the guide !

Tomorrow, for the last day of the show, EQUIP AUTO has decided to make every effort into more fully anticipating the future of the after-sale sector and more particularly the vehicle inspection market.  How is that? By organising, from 12:00 to 1:00 PM,  a conference on the future of the profession by 2022. Beforehand, the now inevitable Warm Up meeting will open the day with an automotive experts special which will be followed, starting at 11:00AM, by a LV bodywork special conference on the revolution of the painting station.

To end the show on a more than positive note, and before we meet again in two years, Claude Cham, President of FIEV, Patrick Cholton, President of FFC, Philippe Baudin, President of EQUIP AUTO and Mario Fiems, Director of EQUIP AUTO, will be evaluating together this excellent 2019 vintage.  Before ending in a grand finale, from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM with the Garac commendation award ceremony.

Finally, on the demo side, last day, or not, the exhibitors do not rest on their laurels. Feel free to go to the Hall 1 walkway to visit the PPG stand for a demonstration of the Moonwalk paint preparation system or Schaeffler Hall 1 for a LuK demonstration on the Volkswagen and Renault dual dry clutch repair kits, or why not, on the outside space of Best Drive, at the entrance of Hall 1, to take place in its wet driving simulator...

Find the full programme of the Saturday, October 19th conferences and demonstrations on the AUTO EQUIP site and app