Philippe Baudin: "The industry is ready to evolve to the rhythm of the world of mobility"

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For Philippe Baudin, President of EQUIP AUTO, president of the EQUIP AUTO trade show, the 2019 edition fulfilled its objectives: more than 100,000 visitors, good visitor flow, high quality stands and international recognition.

What are the major trends in this 2019 edition?

I am very confident because our objective, in this edition, was to reach the symbolic bar of 100,000 visits... which will be done, without doubt with an increased international presence. All of that is the result of work that was done upstream of the show. We listened to the exhibitors' feedback, in 2017, in order to completely rethink the organisation of the halls, the traffic directions, the stand arrangement logic. At the same time, we have put the trade show in phase with the changing market. Result, this year, we bring, with more fluidity, answers to the daily problems of professionals. All the halls are visited in a similar way. The visit experience is assured. Concerning the exhibitors, we see that all this work has found an echo. This is reflected in the return of major players in the sector.


How are you feeling about your first EQUIP AUTO as President?

My first impression is that work done upstream is paying off. I am also satisfied with the great involvement of all actors in the sector. All this is not an individual result, everyone has played a role. The establishment of beautiful stands is evident and we can be proud when compared to other automotive shows wherever they may be. Secondly, I am happy to see that this year, the young people who came to visit the show, have made guided and constructive visits ... This means that we are able to transmit and that is a source of great pride.


What can be expect for EQUIP AUTO 2021?

We can expect even more! We are already working on the evolution of the trade show and we have great ambitions. We let our imaginations run and we have many perspectives ... This shows that the entire industry is constantly ready to evolve at the pace of the world of mobility. That has borne fruit this year, with the visit of the France Industry delegation, Medef, parliamentary delegations and the presence of Muriel Pénicaud during our gala evening. All of that, I think is auspicious for 2021!