PPG Industries: "EQUIP AUTO, the best showcase for presenting MoonWalk"

Published on by Jean-Baptiste MABIT - updated on

Like two years ago, PPG Industries France will take part in EQUIP AUTO with a prime location. The manufacturer will be on the walkway connecting halls 1 and 2 where its MoonWalk solution will attract attention.

With your comeback in 2017, you reconfirm your participation this year at EQUIP AUTO. What are your motivations?

Indeed, we had returned to EQUIP AUTO in 2017 after many years of absence. Our message at that time was to demonstrate to the market our strong capacity for innovation and our willingness to continue to support it. It is clear that we were understood, since this return of PPG had not only been welcomed by the entire profession, but this edition had allowed us to generate a lot of new business. This year we are unveiling MoonWalk and EQUIP AUTO is by far the most beautiful showcase in France presenting this innovation.


Does the change made by the trade show over the two years meet your expectations?

Yes, if only by its new location at the Porte de Versailles. And the occupancy rate of the show speaks for itself. In addition, the fact of being able to position us on the walkway between halls 1 and 2, as in 2017, demonstrates the flexibility of the organisers, and this change is also to be welcomed.    


What will we find at your stand?

Exactly 50 years after the first step by Neil Armstrong on the moon, we will invite our visitors to walk on the moon with our MoonWalk system. This is the only big and true innovation of the last 30 years; the last being water-based paint, which I remind you PPG invented. 2019 is thus an exceptional year not only for PPG but for the world of painting in general because with MoonWalk we are launching the first integrated automatic paint dispenser. It's more than an event, it's a revolution, a radical break in the market. In the future we will refer to before MoonWalk and after MoonWalk. Never before has the paint station been so highlighted, never before has it been so quick and easy.


Bernard Lanne, President of PPG Industries France.