Lacour: "EQUIP AUTO seemed obvious to us"

Published on by Younes Souffi - updated on

Back after more than a decade of absence, the Lacour Group returns this year with its Seri solution. A return that was noticed as Lacour wins one of the keenly contested Grand Prix of EQUIP AUTO. Questions to Angelo Maïda, President of Lacour.

Why did you decide to return this year to EQUIP AUTO after 14 years of absence?

In that time there has been a clear and very rapid evolution of the market. Today all actors in the sector are organising with more homogeneous solutions and we must project our own solutions and sustain the activity of our group for the next 10 years. So, EQUIP AUTO seemed obvious for us to complete this projection. In 2005, during our last participation at the show, we had manufactured and presented Diva, our 3D encryption solution and it was a turning point in the evolution of our company. Today, Seri is a new turning point, because we show not only our technology but also the way it integrates with current processes.


Seri received a Grand Prix this year at EQUIP AUTO, what does it inspire in you?

Of course, we are delighted, but ultimately, for us, Seri is something very natural since it is an extension of our work already done on Diva. What makes the difference is that this year we have submitted an application for the Grands Prix! Lacour is in a mindset of permanent innovation, it is in our DNA. We are not there to do a one-shot, we build solutions for 10 years in which we combine several technologies such as measurement, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, manufacturers' references. So our goal today is to continue to develop Seri's abilities, expanding its field of action to include disasters, for example, and not only mass events like hail.


What is your view on a B2B show like EQUIP AUTO?

Here we are at the crossroads of the automotive industry and after-sales have an important part, and digital, an even bigger part. To participate in EQUIP AUTO is to have the opportunity to present our solutions, our online appointment systems, online pre-payment of appointments in the workshop... In short, here we can feel the trends and see how we can get ourselves into these trends.