France Atelier: "EQUIP AUTO allows us to reach the public stage"

Published on by Younes Souffi - updated on

After 25 years in the automotive industry, Mickaël Perrin imagined France Atelier, a platform for leasing and managing equipment and consumables. EQUIP AUTO is an opportunity for him to present the result of 3 years of development.

Why exhibit at EQUIP AUTO?

France Atelier has been created since November 2018, but we are finally prepared for EQUIP AUTO to propel us onto the public stage. The show is a way for us to highlight the manufacturers who trust us, as well as all the people, and financiers, who enable us everyday to operate France Atelier. In the end, we are forging the circular economy, but also the societal economy because we work as much with small garages as with very large groups... With the entire ecosystem of after-sales, in short.


What is France Atelier about?

Our business model is unique in France. The idea is to manage the actual operation of the workshop. We handle the equipment, and also its life, consumables, standards and regulations, garbage collection for garages, etc. Concretely for example, a repair professional who wants to acquire a car lift, instead of paying with a bank draft of 4,000€, then adding his inspection every year, can go through our platform and rent this equipment. Knowing that our rates include inspection as well. It's a type of subscription in short. We are global solution sellers for the complete management of the workshop: we advise on the equipment, we supply it, we manage it and we make the updates, we request the ad hoc financing help... Today About 80% of OEMs trust us and our marketplace contains more than 60,000 references.


How did this idea come to you?

For 25 years I've been in the automotive field and doing the budget... So during my career, I found that consumables represent 8 to 15% of the budget of a workshop. That's huge and it weighs heavily on the cash flow of a garage. The idea of France Atelier is to manage the "back office" part of these equipment and consumables expenses.


What are your expectations at the show?

We expect meetings and exchanges about our business and to show the manufacturers with whom we work that we are participating. Overall, our goal is to be involved, in the future, at 20% of French workshops.