"This year, we introduce ourselves under the name of the Madic Group"

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Usually known for its participation in the EQUIP AUTO trade show under the name of Tsunamo, its washing subsidiary, the Madic group returns this year in new colors and with a new ambition: to focus on all of its skills: from washing to unattended payment solutions to alternative energies. Explanations with Pierrick Viaud, General Manager of Madic Wash

Why did you decide to participate this year in the show?

We have participated for many years at EQUIP AUTO but we focused our communication more on Tsunamo, our washing subsidiary. This year, we introduce ourselves under the name of the Madic group to publicise our brands and our businesses. We have 15 subsidiaries, each with business expertise and skills. And this year the idea was precisely to show this complementarity. Especially since we have many things to highlight this year.


Precisely, what is new with you at the show?

Our big news is that our washing entity Tsunamo has changed its name to Madic Wash. We take this opportunity to show our new wave technology washing gantry as well as our new digital washing terminals with integrated payment. And we want to make known our exclusive partnership with Aquarama and with ATH which enables recycling more than 80% of the water used for washing gantries. But Madic also has unattended payment terminals, like our APL 3.5 which was awarded the tender from Total, Auchan and Carrefour at the national level. Concerning our presence in alternative energies, we present a single terminal in France, the Pulse 300 KW, which is able to recharge 80% of a Tesla or an electric Porsche in 15 minutes.


What are your expectations at the show?

Here, we have gathered 4 brands but the idea is to show all that Madic brings together, to make known our brands and our global solutions related to the automobile both in washing solutions and care...