EBP Méca: "We have a long-standing relationship with AUTO EQUIP"

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Highly committed to the after-sales biennial, EBP MéCa returns this year with the MRoad workshop management software and lots of partnerships. The overview with Herta Gavotto, operations director.

Why have you chosen to participate in EQUIP AUTO 2019 ? 

EBP MéCa has been participating regularly since the creation of its subsidiary in 2013. As for me, personally, I have participated in EQUIP AUTO since 2000 ... So we have a long-term relationship with the show! I think that in France, EQUIP AUTO is the only place for meeting and exchanges in the automobile after-sales market which is so broad and brings together all the actors of the sector, as much in distribution, as in repair or service. So it's a place where we can focus on meetings with our partners, our customers, etc.


What are you expecting from your participation at the show ? 

I especially expect that there will be as many people as possible and I am waiting to see how the public will welcome our new services. In short, I expect this 2019 edition to be a fun gathering, made of meetings and possible new partnerships. Finally I expect, thanks to the very interesting conferences organised this year, to be able to learn, but also to share the visions of the different actors who will speak on fascinating subjects.

What will be your topic at EQUIP AUTO ?

Our main news, and also our favourite, is of course our new MRoad software that we have the pleasure of presenting. We are also announcing a partnership with the startup WeProove which allows us to offer different services because we can bring, into our management software, a "tour of the mobile vehicle" interface. This allows the repair professional to combine management and mobility and focus on business relations with his motorist patron.

We will also participate in the conference "Preparing tomorrow" which will take place tomorrow, Friday, at 4:40 PM, at the management software workshop.

Finally, we wanted to be a little offbeat by implementing our "Win some emeralds" game. The goal: to win, during the show, two rings set with emeralds. The idea of this game is to bring to the fore the women who often take care of the management of garages while the men are in the workshops ...


Exactly, tonight, at 4:35 PM, there is a conference on women in After-sales, what do you think of this promotion?

I'm very pleased about it. It's true that the parts vocations, historically, have been very masculine. But things change and digitisation has greatly help this type of change. So if this conference can help to awaken vocations among women, that's good, because our views are necessarily different from those of men and that's what makes the richness of a profession, sometimes, of a whole sector.