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DAF Conseil: “A trade show that’s firmly geared towards the future”

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DAF Conseil, unwavering sector supporter with its multiple solutions, will obviously take part in this key after-sales get-together. Its President, Jacques De Leissegues, gives us an update on DAF’s participation. 

Why do you remain loyal to the Trade Show?

As an expert in mobility services and multi-brand automotive repairs, DAF Conseil is fully in line with Equip Auto’s forward-looking approach: repairing today, preparing tomorrow. Over the last 20 years the automotive industry has experienced major technological changes, in particularly with the mass arrival of electronics and Euro 4-, 5- and 6-standard emission-control systems. However, the challenge awaiting multi-brand repairers over the next 10 to 20 years is much greater than the one they've just addressed, with ever-more stringent anti-pollution legislation, electric motors and enhanced vehicle connectivity. All these developments are centre staged in the Trade Show for exhibitors and visitors alike. 

La proximité offerte par l'évènement avec tous les professionnels est-elle un élément important ?

Our company supports all after-sales players. Yesterday’s mechanics, who've become electro-mechanical engineers in recent years, will also have to become computer specialists in the future to remotely multi-reprogramme calculators. DAF Conseil will always be on-hand to train them and accompany them to deal with these market changes. And that’s what we wish to reiterate during this event. Likewise, we support and take part in Equip Auto because, compared to some other rather more conservative European trade shows, it fits resolutely into a dynamic which is firmly geared towards the future and towards tomorrow’s mobility.

Que pourront retrouver les visiteurs sur votre stand ?

This year, DAF Conseil will unveil the new features of its 2020 training catalogue, new web and mobile apps, and a preview of its myDIAG (technical hotline) offer. This service will now be accessible, of course, by phone but also via 3 channels: web form, smartphone and touchpad and will offer the opportunity to chat online, to receive literature and to use augmented reality to identify components which need to be changed. The comprehensive myDIAG offer simplifies garage operators’ life by ensuring effective repairs and optimized time management.

Jacques De Leissegues DAF Conseil

Jacques De Leissegues, CEO of DAF Conseil