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  • MESTO sprayers for professional car cleaning

    27 June 2017

    MESTO is a family business from Germany, since 1919, specialized in the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of portable sprayers.

    MESTO is setting the standard for innovation and performance leadership and provides the best sprayers for every feasible application, around the clock, day and night.

    The Automotive market is very demanding on all the maintenance & cleaning activities. Therefore, resistance of materials and comfort for the operators are our main concerns.

    We offer 3 main families of sprayers/foamers for the Automotive market: Cleaner, Foamer and Inox.

    The range stands for heavy duty plastic and stainless steel sprayers and foamers with capacities going from 0,6 lts. to 10 lts.

    Brand new in the range is the Inox Super Extreme. A perfect combination of a robust stainless steel tank in 10 lts. (6 bar / 88 psi) with the chemical resistance of a plastic insert.

    For each family of sprayers & foamers the customers can expect different versions according to the main group of chemicals (acidic, alkaline and naphta based).

    Intelligent accessories and a unique 20 years supplying spare parts warranty allow our custumers to rely on us and on a long lifetime of their MESTO sprayer

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