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FISCHER AUTOMOTIVE - Tubes, pipes, hoses, connectors and manifolds

Mroczkow 4a
26-120 Blizyn


Fischer Automotive is a producer and supplier of mounting parts for exhaust system, turbocharger systems and catalytic converters.
All products we supply are manufactured using the best materials, in processes fully supervised, guaranteeing the highest quality.
Our products can be found in TecDoc under "FA1".

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  • A / C Assortment boxes with O-rings!

    01 August 2017

    We were expanded our program by introducing a new product - about 100 different types of O-rings for A / C system and we are still working on extending our offer in this area. We can propose 7 different kits with the most popular O-rings inside. However, we are open for all customer needs and the content of each Assortment Box can be freely modified.
    A / C Seals replacement and their proper selection of the size and shape is a key aspect to maintain good sealing and performance of the entire A / C system. We noticed that our customers are wasting their time looking for correct parts, whose dimensions were unknown or not available. Then we make a Assortment boxes with O-rings which are marked by high resistance to ozone, fuel, HAS & HSB oil-water emulsions.
    We would like to invite you to familiarize with the offer on our website www.fa1.pl and to contact with our Sales Department.