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    27 July 2017

    Oil Fouling causes many of the problems linked to the air conditioning systems, above all if they are pretty old. Throughout the years, some oil remains settle on the walls of the refrigerant and air conditioning units.
    These stratifications obstruct the heat exchange process, by isolating the refrigerant gas and reducing the plant performances.
    This causes an unavoidable decrease of the system's performance and a consequent increase of the maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.

    COOL-SHOT ULTRA has been designed in ERRECOM labs to improve the plant conditions, by giving it new life and performances: thanks to COOL-SHOT ULTRA air gets easily colder.
    Analyzing some ERRECOM case-histories, we have some interesting data: -5°C very shortly, +73% of heat exchange, -20% of the plant energy consumption. The compressor lubricant increase its efficiency (+54%), and the unit gains +50% of lifetime.
    By solving the Oil Fouling problem, COOL-SHOOT ULTRA is a 100% ecological product.
    Its formulation is 100% safe: as a non-polymere liquid it does not react to air/humidity, avoiding any possible clogging.
    COOL-SHOT ULTRA is safe even for the operator.
    Errecom labs have projected a solution that guarantees better performances even with less product in the system: COOL-SHOT ULTRA innovative molecules allow to use a very small dose of performance enhancer.
    This last plus represents a real turining point: the market trends underline the future necessity of using more and more additives to solve the most common A/C system problems.
    After more than 4 years of R&D efforts, Errecom projected a performance enhancer which is definitely reduced if if compared to the previous one. Only 6ml treat A/C systems up to 21kW. These kind of system were previously treated with 42ml.