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Press releases

  • bluechemGROUP presents latest car care products at Equip Auto Paris

    22 June 2017

    The bluechemGROUP participates in the Equip Auto Paris 2017. The international group of companies is going to present all of its brands and products at the French trade fair for the automotive industry, with a special focus on four innovations. These are Carbon X, a new development for combustion chamber cleaning, Triple X PLUS, a highly effective air intake system cleaner, the product line "marvelous", specially developed for vehicle preparation and the ATF Evolution Plus, a modern service device for automatic transmissions.

    Carbon X and Triple X PLUS are the perfect team to fight the negative aspects of modern downsizing engines with direct injections. These new technologies used by many vehicle manufacturers lead to carbon buildup from the intake manifold to the combustion chamber. To remove the stubborn deposits, the bluechemGROUP developed the power team Carbon X and Triple X PLUS. Without any dismantling, the two products remove all carbonization of diesel and petrol cars.

    Another highlight will be the extensive range of bluechemGROUP's new product line "marvelous" allowing car workshops and end users as well a professional vehicle preparation. The products are suitable for all work steps from the thorough cleaning to the intensive care and the long-lasting protection of the vehicle interior and exterior surfaces.

    With the ATF Evolution Plus, the bluechemGROUP presents a high-technology service device for automatic cleaning and maintenance of the entire automatic transmission system. It ensures a complete replacement of the entire automatic transmission fluid with many convenient features and compatibility with all popular vehicle models.

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