Interview with the two project managers for the Berner France stand at the upcoming EQUIP AUTO 2019: Cécile Caron - Mobility Operational Marketing Director; and Tony Pardoëns – Facility Management Director


Tony Pardoëns : EQUIP AUTO is the imperative event for professionals working in automotive aftersales and services for mobility. We therefore considered it essential to be part of the show in order to promote the Berner brand, our know-how and our technical expertise aimed at professionals in the Mobility branch. What’s more, 2019 is a special year for Berner: this year our company is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Cécile Caron : Yes indeed, the small hardware firm that started out in 1969 in the Yonne department in Burgundy has grown quite a lot. It has today become one of the essential market players for consumables, PPE and tooling for mobility professionals, but also for construction and industrial maintenance. We owe this success to strongly held values, unstinting commitment from all of our employees and the strategic decisions that were made over recent decades. Since it was founded, the French subsidiary of the German group Berner has always listened closely to its customers and adjusted to their needs. In response to the constant acceleration of the expectations of our clientele and the digitalisation of our commercial relations, we can draw on our half-century experience to evolve with and for our clients. As a result, Berner France is today focusing on the future with the development of an “omni-channel” strategy revolving around customer service and experience on Internet, by phone, on-site and in points of sale. Being at EQUIP AUTO is our opportunity to get out and meet our clients and make some noise about Berner France: an ambitious, dynamic and magnetic company!



Tony Pardoëns : For nearly 4 years, the Berner group has been focussing its energy on becoming customer centric, requiring the customer to be placed at the heart of our concerns and actions. This is a quite distinctive approach which implies new organisations and a change of business culture but also the need to redesign our customer relationship. We therefore had to adopt new relation management solutions to enable all departments in the firm to be connected and interact. The goal is to respond to customer requests more easily and rapidly thanks to tools capable of collecting all customer data across every possible contact point. Taking part in EQUIP AUTO as an exhibitor this year will help us get out and meet our clients, share all our new products with them and present the solutions and services we have developed to help them and support them in their everyday work.


Cécile Caron :

Berner France today comprises 1,500 employees including 1,000 sales reps, servicing more than 100,000 clients. The European range of 75,000 articles and 25,000 product numbers is available 24/7 through our touring and office-based salesforce, our website, our sales outlet and our mobile app. 98% of our products are available within 24/48 hours. Berner France also promotes an active social and eco-friendly approach and provides dedicated services to its customers. At EQUIP AUTO, we’re going to present our “products and services” range which has evolved in recent months. The aim is to make Berner the go-to supplier and essential daily partner of its clients, by assisting them in their various activities.

Berner today offers its clients themed “applications” packages, which include not only a portfolio of technical and comprehensive product solutions, but also services. These applications are launched using target marketing campaigns supported by off-line materials (brochures, flyers, posters, stickers) and online media (email shots, videos, web banners, dedicated landing page, et cetera.). We will take advantage of the exhibition to promote the applications « external valet », “tyre change” and “interior valet” and online services such as the online workshop storage system or a digital database to manage essential information on chemicals, for instance.

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