3 questions to BM Catalysts

Why did you choose to take part in EQUIP AUTO 2019?

We had a fantastic show at EQUIP AUTO 2017 and as soon as that one finished we decided to book again for 2019. Further to this, France is now our second biggest export market and we have seen big growth there over the past 18 months.

Which opportunities does EQUIP AUTO represent for your company?

We have opportunities to further develop our distribution base as well as increasing the awareness of our brand at installer level.

Which will be the major news you will be presenting during EQUIP AUTO ?

It will be the Launchpad of our new branding and key messaging that we have already launched in the UK. Focussing on profit building, quality, training and service, we are excited to discuss the new propositions with our existing and future customer base. We also expect to be able to announce a series of new Euro 6 products.


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